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DesignEvo Review - A Useful Online Logo Maker for Bloggers and Small Businesses Owners to Create a Quality Logo

The Logo is an essential part of branding and has a long way to go in a promotion. A good logo can leave a positive impression and vividly deliver your brand value. Today, I will be reviewing an easy to use online logo maker - DesignEvo, which helps you create a quality logo for your brand within minutes.

DesignEvo focuses on simplicity and makes logo design far more accessible for just about anyone to do. It comes with a clean and intuitive interface that first users can quickly understand how to use it. With it, you can make standout logo designs even if you no design background and skill at all.

A Plethora of Logo Templates:

DesignEvo offers over 4,000+ great logo templates for you to get started. Templates cover a wide range of field and categories, such as Technology, Business, Food, Animal, Environment, Art, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc. You can choose an industry that is related to what you do. Alternatively, you can use the search feature to find the best template that fits your needs. All the templates are easy to customize. You are free to tailor the content to make it unique and reflect your overall brand image more accurately.

Intuitive and Powerful Editor:

DesignEvo features an intuitive and feature-rich editor, which gives you the total freedom to make your custom logo in pretty much any way you want. You can change fonts, set a background color, resize elements, insert icons, manage layers, and add special effects with simple clicks. DesignEvo can even analysis your logo content and automatically generate various logo layouts for you.

Abundant Logo Icons and Fonts:

DesignEvo has an inbuilt icon library, which gives you access to millions of vector icons. Type some keywords, and icons can be retrieved within seconds. Moreover, DesignEvo comes preloaded with 100+ stylish fonts and word art. Fonts are customizable and can be further edited as well. You can curve texts, adjust letter spacing, change font color, or add outline and shadow to give the font a kind of 3D effect.

Logo Preview:

Preview mode is a convenient feature that not many similar logo makers have. With a single push of the preview button, you can visualize your newly designed logo on a T-shirt, business card, letterhead, notebook cover, wall, etc. It gives you a clear picture of how your logo would look like on various occasions, so you can make adjustments accordingly to ensure your logo looks perfect for different uses.

Project Saving and Logo Download:

When you’re done with your logo, you can save it as a project in DesignEvo’s cloud for later editing and redesigning. When it comes to logo downloading, DesignEvo supports four types of logo formats- JPG, PNG, SVG and PDF.

Plans and Pricing:

In fact, DesignEvo allows you to access all its features and resources for free. That said, you can get a JPG or PNG logo with a maximum resolution of 500 x 500 pixels without cost. There is no watermark added on the logo, so it would be okay for online uses. But if you want to get a higher-res logo, you need to pay for a one-time fee. There are two paid plans- Basic and Plus. Compared with similar logo design services, they are pretty affordable and budget-friendly.


The whole design process with DesignEvo is really simple, and it doesn’t require any special skills to use it. Also, it brings all the features and resources at your fingertips, which gives you the total ability to play with your logo idea and try them out. I have worked with several logo design tools, but I would say DesignEvo certainly tops the lists. It is a useful and great option for the beginners who don’t have much of an experience in the field of logo designing.

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