How to Join WhatsApp Group Without Admin Permission

Anybody Can Join WhatsApp Group Without The Permission Of The Admin Says Security Researchers

A team of German cryptographers has reported a big dent in WhatsApp. The team has reported in one of its reports that in any group of WhatsApp, anyone can be added without the permission of the Administrator.

How to Join WhatsApp Group Without Admin Permission:

According to reports published on, cryptographers of Ruhr University Bochum of Bochum, Germany, gave information on Wednesday in the Real World Crypto Security Conference in Zurich, Switzerland. He said that any person controlling the Whatsapp app's server can add a member to the WhatsApp group without the approval of the admin. After this, he can see all the messages from the member group.

They said that this is possible due to the bugs present in the WhatsApp. It has been said in the report that the group's administrator has the right to add a new member to the group, but for this, whatsApp does not use any authentication mechanism, due to which the server is connected and added to the group can go.

Researchers have also claimed that if the attackers in any way can control the server of WhatsApp, then they can block any message from the group. Even hackers can decide who will be able to message in the group and who will not. 

A spokeswoman for WhatsApp said that it is not possible that anyone joins a group. However, due to a bug, this may have happened in one of the groups. The company is investigating it.

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