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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Leaked Images Looks Like an iPhone X-style cutout and Renders with Bezel-less FullView Display

The XiaoMi Mi Mix 2s alleged photos have leaked on Weibo, and GSMArena reported this. As per the images, it packs a bezel-less full-view display like an iPhone X-style cutout on the top. Most likely the smartphone in the photo is just a revised and improved version of the Chinese hi-tech borderless smartphone. Apparently, there is no absolute certainty, since it may be quite easy to be a modified photo with Photoshop.

The alleged images of Mi Mix 2s show that the edges are a bit wider than the iPhone X, which leaves more space for icons in the status bar.

The leaked images of this smartphone show that it is coming with an impressive design and there is a selfie camera on the top beside a speaker grill. So it could be the full bezel-less display device even though the bottom of the phone is not able to be seen. The rounded edges of the display remain a popular feature in terms of design. The diagonal of the display is unknown. As far as it has emerged so far it may be the same in a smaller body; or a more generous display in the same frame, with unaltered dimensions.

That's all we have now about the new alleged photos of Mi Mix 2s. At this time, before expressing yourself in more profound judgments, it is best to wait for more details. There is no other information available about when Xiaomi will release this smartphone and when it will be available in the market.

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