Nokia 9 (Nokia TA-1054) Android Smartphone Gets Certified in China

HMD Global has released two new Nokia 7 and Nokia 2 devices, but both smartphones are not flagship but mid-range and entry-level. So when will the Nokia flagship be launched?
Nokia Fans around the world certainly has been impatient waiting for the presence of flagship Nokia 9 mobile phone which is expected to be present carrying full screen full of present full view. Well now, a good news seems to have started blowing. A new mobile phone owned by HMD, Nokia TA-1054 which later allegedly is the Nokia 9 has been certified 3C in China.

Previously, the duo of Nokia TA-1041 and Nokia TA-1042 phones have also been certified by 3C. Not long ago, the phone with the model number TA-1041 slid carries the official name of Nokia 7. The Nokia TA-1042 still not been revealed, despite rumours that the handset is likely another variant of the Nokia 7 or even Nokia 8 specifically for the Chinese market.

When looking at the Nokia phone model numbers above, the TA-1054 could be the Nokia 9 as rumoured right now. Just to note, Nokia 7 was released in mid-October last month. The Nokia TA-1054 is approved 3C on September 26th, so the handset is expected to be announced soon. Moreover, it has been circulating various leaked Nokia 9 ranging from rendering, design to the shape of the camera.

Leaked specifications of Nokia 9 so far revealed that the handset will be supported by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset, 6GB/8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory, eye scanner sensor, and IP68 certificate.

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