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Airtel, Vodafone and International SIM Cards are Now Available for Purchase on Amazon India: How to Buy SIM Cards Online?

Do you know that you don't need to go to any mobile store to buy a SIM card? Yes, what you heard is right, now you can buy a SIM card from Amazon India sitting at home.

At present Amazon is providing Vodafone and Airtel SIM cards. However, international SIM cards can also be purchased from the site.

You can now purchase Airtel and Vodafone postpaid SIM cards from Amazon. If you are going on a foreign tour, then you can also buy international cards. According to Amazon, SIM will be delivered within 24 hours after booking, although Airtel is already offering this service.

If you are getting an Airtel SIM from Amazon, then you can take any plan from Rs.499, Rs.799, Rs.1,199 and Rs.1,599, while the Vodafone SIM with Rs.499, Rs.699, Rs.999, Rs.1,699, Rs.1,999 and Rs.2,999 plans.

For the postpaid SIM of Airtel, it is charging Rs.200 as Amazon Security and Rs.15 for Vodafone. At the same time, buying a SIM from Amazon Pay will get 15% cashback.

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