Here are the Steps How to Delete Messages in WhatsApp Private and Group Chat Permanently in Android, iOS, and Windows Phones With New Features

How to delete messages in WhatsApp Permanently. One of the most popular social media and messaging applications today, WhatsApp can be said to be innovative. Under the cold hands of Facebook, they often bring new features.

And now, a new feature that might have been your old presence will eventually be available in the WhatsApp app both on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. What's more, if it's not the latest whatsapp feature of 2017 to delete messages, where how to delete this WhatsApp message this time is different from before.

Later, the message will not only be deleted on your WhatsApp screen, but also on the WhatsApp screen of the recipient. In other words, this is a way of deleting messages in WhatsApp permanently. This feature has long been developed WhatsApp, but just present the final version through the latest WhatsApp application updates.

Especially for WhatsApp Android version itself, an application that supports the feature to delete messages in WhatsApp is present in the WhatsApp version. Updates are available for all platforms and can be downloaded now. The new feature not only delivers how to delete the message WhatApp permanently only but also how to delete messages in WA Group that also long-awaited.

As known, not a few users who often have problems in the group WhatsApp, where there is a debate, disputes, and disputes that resulted in deserted groups and then broke up just because one send or one write a message. With this feature, it can be avoided immediately. And if shortly after sending a message we are aware, we can quickly delete before reading other members.

Well, then how do I delete messages in WhatsApp permanently? Here is the complete tutorial and guide.

How to Delete a Message in WhatsApp:

When you mistyped a message and sent a message in WhatsApp, do not panic, you can still delete it easily.

But before, make sure that you are using an up to date WhatsApp version. If not, then please update first.

1. Press and hold the message you want to delete. Make sure the message is a message that you sent, not a message from your opponent chatting.

2. After that, as a few options will appear in the top panel of the screen, select the logo or trash can icon like how to delete the message WhatsApp usually.

3. Three options will appear when you want to delete the WhatsApp message. The three options are Delete For Me, Cancel and Delete For Everyone.

4. To delete the WhatsApp message permanently, select Delete For Everyone. Thus not only on your Android phone but the message will also be deleted on the recipient's phone.

5. Done, a message will appear informing you that the message you sent has been deleted. In addition, the recipient of the message will also get a notification, which the message you sent has been deleted

How to Delete a Message in WhatsApp Group:

As said before, this feature is not only valid in the message of two people (private) but also can be done in Group WA.

Steps to delete messages in Group WhatsApp

1. Tap and hold on the message you want to delete.

2. Tap on the delete button (garbage icon) that appears on the phone screen.

3. Select "Delete for Everyone" and finish.

Well, that's how to delete messages in WhatsApp that is obviously now easier with this new feature.

But keep in mind also, there is one warning for you, which can also be said as a weakness, strengths or limitations of this feature, helped from your point of view.

Users will only be able to delete messages in WhatsApp, with a note that the message has not been sent more than 7 minutes. If it exceeds 7 minutes, the message will be permanently posted on the other person's phone or in WhatsApp group.

And After that, you will not be able to delete messages on your friends WhatsApp, just on your screen only.

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