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Samsung's Foldable Smartphone Rumours to Feature An In-Folding Design Might Release in 2018

Samsung Electronics will redevelop its foldable smartphone 'in folding' that folds the display inward. The 'out folding' task, in which the display is folded out, was turned into a folding 'in folding' task. There is an interpretation that commercialization is imminent as it has already been turned into folding technology, which has secured a considerable amount of related technology. CEO Dong-jin Ko, who oversees Samsung's smartphone business, recently announced plans to release a folder-type smartphone, which is gaining momentum.

According to the industry on December 27, Samsung Electronics recently resumed development of foldable smartphone with a folding method with Samsung Display. The display curvature is aimed at 3R implementation. 3R is a number indicating the degree of bending. It means a warp around a circle with a radius of 3 mm. It is not yesterday that Samsung Electronics developed a folder-type smartphone. I have been working on the Foldable Smartphone project four or five years ago, even though I have not gathered industry information.

The concern is that Samsung Electronics has changed the way it has been developing the folder-blind mode. The display ceased to be folded outwardly and the 'in folding' was chosen.

Samsung Electronics is known to have pursued the folding method in the early days of the development of the foldable smartphone. Accordingly, display and related parts and materials research and development (R & D) have continued for many years.

Then suddenly the method turned into 'out folding'. It is not a smartphone that folds inward, but rather a phone that folds outward. This is only a year or two ago. Until last year, the out folding implementation was the biggest assignment for companies participating in the development of the foldable of Samsung Electronics as well as Samsung Display.

There is no clear reason for Samsung to change its folder-based approach. However, it is interpreted that the commercialization intention is highly reflected in the fact that it is returned to the in-folding method which is the first task.

An industry representative said, "In folding, the accumulated technology is significant," he said. It is argued that it will move away from R & D and enter the commercialization stage. This interpretation is further amplified in connection with recent remarks made by President Dong-jin, who overseas Samsung's smartphone business. "In the Galaxy Note 8 event on the 12th, CEO Koo said," Foldable is on the roadmap and is preparing for next year. We are now overcoming some of the problems, "This is the first time that we have set a target date for release, although we have settled the obstacle. Also, the level of remarks about the launch was higher than before.

Last year, Go said, "The folder is the area that we want to do, but at the current technology level, consumers are not satisfied, so we need more time." In order to confirm the reason for the change of the project and the commercialization of the project, we contacted the CEO directly, but he did not reply. Instead, a Samsung official said, "We are preparing for the launch of the Foldable smartphone, but it is in the development stage."

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