Facebook Launches New Feature in India, Blood Donation is Now Made Easy to Connect Donors With Recipients; How to Register in Facebooks Blood Donation Feature

Facebook launched a new feature to promote blood donation in India on Wednesday. With the help of new features, people will be able to contact the hospital or blood bank donor such as the need for blood if needed. Referring to 'shortage of safe blood' in India, Facebook has already used social networks to reach donor in the country. The company will connect the two parts through this feature. To sign up people to become a donor and reach people to Donor, Facebook has worked with Non-Profit Organization, Health Industry Expert and Donor to use this feature.

Facebook posts a blog "We hope that this new feature will help people come together, which was never possible before that. With the help of spreading awareness among people to donate blood in India, we want to make blood and donations easier for people and institutions."

Making it Easier to Become a Blood Donor:

With the donation, Facebook will launch a feature on National Blood Donor Day on Sunday, October 1. Through which users will be able to sign up as a blood donor. Users will see a message in their news feed, or people will be able to sign up after editing their profiles. The company says that this information will remain private by default, but the user will also have the option to show this donor status on their profile. This new feature will be available only on Android and Mobile Web in the beginning. Facebook says that the use of these platforms is the highest in India.

Connecting Individuals and Organizations with Blood Donors:

Facebook says that those people or organisations are looking for blood, will have a feature rollout in the coming weeks, to create a special type of post. This post will contain information about donor's willingness to help. Once the post is created, Facebook will send a notification to the registered blood donor around. If a donor wishes to share the post or you can contact them directly through the WhatsApp, Messenger or Phone Call, who need blood. The user with blood needs no right to access donor information directly unless the donor shares it themselves. More information about donors and needy can be found at

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