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Asus ROG Strix X299-E Gaming and Intel Core i9-7900X 'Skylake-X' Price and Review

Today we are reviewing the new Intel Core i9-7900x CPU. This one is based on skylake-x and is the lowest end of several models in the new Core i9 family. However, it matches last year’s flagship core i7-6950x with ten cores and 20 threads. You get up to 18 cores with the new core i9 series family. This is the most of audible model with only ten cores. However, you do get all the core i9 family features including 44 lanes of PCIe express connectivity support for a 128GB of RAM, advanced AVX-512 instructions and support for bootable PCIe SSD read Aries. But most interesting about the CPU is that it costs just about RS.82,000 including taxes which is around half of what last year’s core i7-6950x cost, this might be due to renewed competition.
Now the only it does Intel have to convince people that these processors are better than their own lower priced core i7 CPUs. But there is also a fresh competition from AMD with its RYZEN 7 and Ryzen thread report products. The base speed of this processors is 3.3GHz, but it can clock itself up to 4.3GHz on all cores or up to 4.5GHz on two cores if the work load demands it. We tested our core i9-7900x with the Asus ROG Strix X299-E gaming motherboard. This is a relatedly simple and affordable model which supports all the features unique without going over the board. You get three full-size PCIe express slots for graphics cards, two m2 slots for PCIe SSD's, both Type-A and Type-C USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports. Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.2 and of course feature with Asus Aura RGB LED. An all in one water cooler is recommended so where using a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240, an entry level 240mm model which is pretty easy to setup. We're also adding a quad-channel Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 RAM kit and the Samsung SSD 950 pro. Multi-threaded benchmarks like Cinebench which take advantage of all cores and threads gave us some of the highest performance scores ever. In other work loads which aren’t as a heavily multi threaded such as gaming, you won’t see any advantage to having so many cores. The Ten core Core i9-7900x is curly superior to last year’s Ten core Core i7-6950x. If your work load involves a lot of content creation or heavy multi tasking you might find that it's well worthier money to pick up one of these CPU’s. However, in many cases, you could get a way with a much less expensive AMD Ryzen 7 1800x which gives you eight cores for a lot less money. If you duty site to go for this platform, you are going to have to factor in the cost of not only the CPU but also a suitable high-end motherboard, Graphics card, RAM, CPU cooler, power supply and SSD’s to go with it. We are more than happy with the Asus Motherboard Corsair RAM and Cooler Master all in one liquid cooler that way used to test the CPU with and all of them are excellent choices.

Comparision of the Core i9-7900X with last year's Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X, the Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K and an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X:

Intel Core i9-7900X vs Intel Core i7-7700K vs Intel Core i7-6950K vs AMD Ryzen 7 1800X

Intel Core i9-7900X Price:
Rs.66,000 + GST

1. Server-grade architectural features
2. Excellent performance across benchmarks
3. 10 cores for half the price of last year's model

1. Overall platform cost
2. Competition from AMD and other Intel product lines

Asus ROG Strix X299-E Gaming Price: Rs.22,000 + GST

1. Integrated Wi-Fi
2. Well designed UEFI BIOS
3. Understated design
4. Uncomplicated setup process

1. M.2 slots not designed very well

Image Credits: Gadgets 360

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